Will Teeth Whitening Work With Crowns and Fillings?

Are you unhappy with your smile’s appearance? Then you might be thinking about having your teeth whitened in Dallas. These treatments are fairly simple and quite effective in giving patients a perfect pearly white smile. However, if you have had previous dental work, such as crowns or fillings, you might wonder if teeth whitening will even work for you. Find out the... read more »

Foods and Drinks To Avoid After Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Most cosmetic dental procedures in Dallas, such as teeth whitening, don't require special aftercare. You will leave the dentist's office with a brand-new smile and feeling perfectly fine. But, here's the twist: your diet can influence how long you can enjoy your new smile. Some foods and beverages can stain or damage your teeth, and even compromise the durability of the dental work.... read more »

Are Dental Veneers Permanent?

As you consider your options for achieving the perfect smile, you may have come across dental veneers. But do you know what dental veneers are and if they’re permanent? In this article by ConfiDent Smile Studio, we’ll explore everything you need to know about veneers, including their lifespan and how to care for them. Keep reading to find out. What... read more »

What To Avoid With Clear Aligners

Clear aligners in Dallas are a modern and effective alternative to traditional braces. They provide an invisible solution for adults and older teens who have mild to moderate misalignment issues with their teeth. When you get the Invisalign treatment, you should be able to eat and sleep without trouble. However, there are some things to avoid doing with your clear aligners,... read more »

Welcome to ConfiDent Smile Studio!

Get to Know Dr. Ken and Dr. Powell Dr. Ken and Dr. Powell love making personal connections with their patients and believe that patient education, compassion, and judgment-free dentistry should be a right extended to every person. Together they want to change society’s mindset about dentistry and create a place where you always feel welcome and supported. Creating Confident Smiles, Cultivating... read more »