Digital Scanners

What Are Digital Scanners?

Digital scanners represent the cutting edge in dental technology, offering a sophisticated way to create precise digital impressions of your teeth and gums. At ConfiDent Smile Studio, Dr. Ken and Dr. Powell utilize these advanced devices to enhance the accuracy of dental treatments and patient comfort. Unlike traditional methods that involve messy putty, digital scanners quickly capture detailed 3D images of your mouth with remarkable precision.

Benefits of Digital Scanners

Digital scanners streamline the treatment planning process, allowing for more accurate fittings for dental appliances like crowns, bridges, aligners and veneers. This accuracy not only improves the outcome of treatments but also reduces the need for adjustments and repeat visits. The quick and comfortable scanning process enhances patient experience, making dental impressions less invasive and more tolerable. Digital scans can be easily shared with dental labs or specialists, facilitating efficient communication and collaborative care.

Experience the latest in dental technology with digital scanning in Dallas and North Dallas, Texas. Our team is committed to providing precise, comfortable and efficient dental care. Schedule your appointment today by calling 214-888-6726 to discover how digital scanning can enhance your dental treatment experience.

The Digital Scanning Process


Your visit begins with a consultation, where our dentists and team explain the procedure and how it fits into your treatment plan.


The digital scanner is gently moved around your mouth, capturing thousands of images per second. This process is quick, comfortable and typically completed in a few minutes.

Instant Visualization

The digital images are available immediately, allowing us to review them with you on the spot and discuss the next steps in your treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Digital Scanning Process Comfortable?

Yes, most patients find digital scanning to be a comfortable, quick and easy experience compared to traditional impression methods.

How Accurate Are Digital Scans?

Digital scans produce highly accurate and detailed 3D images of your mouth, significantly enhancing the precision of dental treatments.

Can Digital Scans Be Used for All Dental Treatments?

Digital scans are versatile and can be used for a wide range of dental treatments, including orthodontics, restorative work and smile makeovers.