Doctor Ken photo

Ken Nwankwo, DDS

Dr. Ken Nwankwo (known as Dr. Ken), always wanted to help others with their confidence. He initially wanted to be a facial reconstructive surgeon but decided to pursue general dentistry after a life changing encounter with a patient.

During his oral surgery externship in Shreveport, Louisiana, Dr. Ken had a patient come in who was filled with anxiety and fear about her upcoming treatment. He put his equipment down and spent time comforting her and helping her understand the cause of her feelings which ultimately helped her get past her fear and anxiety.

After that, he knew that he wanted to pursue general dentistry so he could bond with his patients and forge long-lasting relationships with them built on mutual trust and respect.

Dr. Ken earned a degree from UT Austin and his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Texas A&M College of Dentistry. He received his post-doctoral degree from Texas A&M University.


Doctor Powell photo

Leslie Powell, DDS

Dr. Leslie Powell was inspired to become a dentist after a dental treatment of her own. The transformative experience piqued her curiosity, and she decided to learn more about dentistry. She was able to observe her dentist at work, saw how much fun they had helping patients and how fulfilling the work seemed to be. It was then she knew that dentistry was her calling.

She decided to join and eventually lead the University of North Texas Pre-Dental Society before earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery from Texas A&M College of Dentistry.

Dr. Powell loves getting to know her patients and the combination of art and science that dentistry requires. Seeing patients walk out of the office with a pep in their step after walking with their heads down for so long is one of the most rewarding parts of Dr. Powell’s job.