Cone Beam 3D Imaging

What Is Cone Beam 3D Imaging?

Cone beam 3D imaging is a revolutionary technology in the field of dentistry, providing detailed three-dimensional images of your teeth, jawbone and soft tissues. Dr. Ken and Dr. Powell harness the power of this advanced diagnostic tool to plan and execute dental treatments with unprecedented precision. Unlike traditional X-rays, cone beam imaging offers a comprehensive view of dental structures, nerves and sinuses without the need for multiple scans.

Benefits of Cone Beam 3D Imaging

The precision of cone beam 3D imaging enables our dentists and team to diagnose conditions that might be missed with standard X-rays, plan dental implant placements with exactitude and evaluate the jaws and face for orthodontic treatments. This technology significantly enhances treatment planning, outcomes and patient safety by providing critical information about potential complications before any procedure begins. Furthermore, cone beam imaging is quick, painless and exposes patients to less radiation than traditional CT scans.

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The Cone Beam 3D Imaging Process


No special preparation is needed. Patients are simply positioned in the imaging system, and it rotates around the head, capturing all necessary data in seconds.


The actual scan takes only a few moments. Patients stand or sit still while the machine captures the images.


Our team immediately reviews the high-resolution 3D images, allowing for a detailed assessment of your oral health and precise treatment planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cone Beam 3D Imaging Safe?

Yes, it is safe. The cone beam system uses less radiation than traditional CT scans and is used judiciously to ensure patient safety.

What Dental Problems Can Cone Beam Imaging Detect?

Cone beam imaging can detect a range of issues, including but not limited to, impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, cysts, tumors and more.

How Often Will I Need Cone Beam 3D Imaging?

The frequency of cone beam 3D imaging depends on your specific dental health needs. We will recommend the best course of action based on your unique situation.