Tooth Extractions

What Are Tooth Extractions?

Tooth extractions are surgical procedures to remove teeth that are severely damaged, decayed or causing crowding or orthodontic issues. Dr. Ken and Dr. Powell perform tooth extractions with precision and care, ensuring patient comfort and safety. Whether it is a simple extraction of a tooth that is fully visible or a more complex procedure for a tooth that is broken, below the surface or impacted, our dentists and team are equipped to handle your dental needs.

Benefits of Tooth Extractions

Removing a problematic tooth can provide relief from pain and prevent further oral health issues. Extractions can also make way for orthodontic treatments to correct misalignment and overcrowding. At ConfiDent Smile Studio, we focus on preserving natural teeth whenever possible; but when extraction is necessary, we utilize the latest techniques and sedation options to ensure the process is as smooth and pain-free as possible.

Ensure your oral health is in expert hands with tooth extractions in Dallas and North Dallas, Texas. We use gentle techniques to minimize discomfort and promote rapid healing. Contact us at 214-888-6726 to discuss your dental concerns and explore your options.

The Process of Tooth Extraction


An initial consultation includes a thorough examination and X-rays to assess the condition of the tooth and surrounding bone.


The extraction procedure is performed under local anesthesia to numb the area. Sedation options are available for patients who may feel anxious.


We will provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery, including tips on managing discomfort and promoting healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Feel Pain During the Extraction?

Local anesthesia is used to ensure you feel no pain during the procedure. You may feel pressure, but the process is designed to be painless.

What Is the Recovery Time for a Tooth Extraction?

Recovery varies but typically involves a few days of rest and following aftercare instructions. Most patients can resume normal activities within a week.

Why Might I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Reasons include severe decay, infection, orthodontic correction or impacted wisdom teeth that cause pain or crowding.