Socket Preservation

What Is Socket Preservation?

Socket preservation is a dental procedure performed immediately after a tooth extraction to protect the socket and promote the natural healing of the bone. At ConfiDent Smile Studio, our dentists and team utilize this technique to maintain the bone structure and density in the area of the extracted tooth, preparing it for future dental implant placement or other restorative treatments. This proactive approach helps prevent the socket from collapsing and preserves the aesthetic appearance of the gums and jawline.

Benefits of Socket Preservation

The primary benefit of socket preservation is the maintenance of the jawbone’s integrity and density after tooth extraction, which is crucial for the success of future dental implants. This procedure reduces the risk of complications associated with bone loss, including changes in facial structure and difficulties with implant placement. Dr. Ken and Dr. Powell recommend socket preservation to ensure the best possible foundation for restorative dental work, enhancing both functional and cosmetic outcomes.

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The Process of Socket Preservation

Tooth Extraction

Immediately following the extraction, we will carefully prepare the socket for preservation.

Bone Graft Material

A bone graft material is placed into the socket to support bone growth.

Membrane Placement

A membrane may be placed over the graft material to protect the site and encourage bone regeneration.


The graft material helps to preserve the bone and promote healing, preparing the site for future dental procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Socket Preservation Necessary?

While not always necessary, socket preservation is highly recommended when planning for future dental implants or to maintain the aesthetics of your smile.

What Is the Recovery Time for Socket Preservation?

Recovery varies by individual but generally involves a brief healing period similar to that of a tooth extraction, with specific aftercare instructions provided by our office.

How Soon After Can I Get a Dental Implant?

The timing for dental implant placement after socket preservation depends on the individual's healing process, typically a few months to allow for sufficient bone growth.