Sports Mouth Guards

What Are Sports Mouth Guards?

Sports mouth guards are protective devices designed to cushion and protect the teeth, gums and jaw during physical activities and sports. Dr. Ken and Dr. Powell recommend custom-fitted mouth guards for athletes of all ages to prevent dental injuries, such as broken teeth, lacerations to the mouth and even jaw fractures. Unlike over-the-counter options, custom mouth guards provided by our dentists and team offer a superior fit, comfort and protection, making them an essential piece of sports equipment.

The Benefits of Custom-Fitted Sports Mouth Guards

Custom-fitted sports mouth guards are specifically tailored to fit the unique contours of your mouth, providing optimal protection and a comfortable fit that does not hinder breathing or speaking. These mouth guards are made from durable, high-quality materials capable of absorbing the impact that could otherwise result in costly dental injuries. By wearing a custom-fitted mouth guard, athletes can focus on their performance with the confidence that their oral health is protected.

Enhance your athletic performance while protecting your smile with a custom-fitted sports mouth guard in Dallas and North Dallas, Texas. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 214-888-6726 to ensure your oral health is safeguarded during every game and practice.

The Process of Getting a Custom-Fitted Mouth Guard


Your visit starts with a consultation where our team will assess your needs and discuss the importance of oral protection during sports activities.


A detailed impression of your teeth is taken to ensure that your mouth guard fits perfectly and comfortably.


Once your custom mouth guard is ready, you will have a fitting session at ConfiDent Smile Studio to ensure optimal comfort and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Wear a Sports Mouth Guard?

Anyone participating in sports or recreational activities that pose a risk of injury to the mouth should wear a mouth guard.

How Do I Care for My Mouth Guard?

Clean your mouth guard with toothpaste and a toothbrush after each use and store it in a ventilated container to dry completely.

How Often Should I Replace My Sports Mouth Guard?

It is recommended to replace your mouth guard annually or sooner if it becomes worn or does not fit properly.