What To Avoid With Clear Aligners

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Clear aligners in Dallas are a modern and effective alternative to traditional braces. They provide an invisible solution for adults and older teens who have mild to moderate misalignment issues with their teeth.

When you get the Invisalign treatment, you should be able to eat and sleep without trouble. However, there are some things to avoid doing with your clear aligners, including the following.

Eating Sticky Foods With Your Aligners

Although you can eat with your clear aligners, it’s recommended that you remove them before eating. This is especially important when eating sticky foods. Sticky foods such as candy and chewing gum can get stuck to the aligners and cause them to be misshapen.

They can also cause bacteria or plaque to build, leading to bad breath or tooth decay. Moreover, sticky foods can make the aligners warp or break, making the treatment less effective.

Getting Your Aligners Dirty

It is recommended that you clean your clear aligners frequently. Not cleaning them can cause bacteria and plaque to accumulate, increasing your risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental issues.

Additionally, your aligners may start to stain and discolor, which can be difficult to remove. Cleaning your aligners regularly can help prevent these issues and maintain a beautiful smile.

Rushing The Treatment Process

It is important not to rush your treatment for clear aligners because that can lead to improper fitting of the devices and incorrect positioning of the teeth. Remember that if aligners are not fitted correctly, the treatment may not be effective, and the desired outcome may not be attained.

In addition, rushing the aligners treatment can lead to potential discomfort and damage to the teeth and gums. Not rushing the treatment process can help ensure you wear your aligners for the recommended time, which can help ensure your teeth move to the correct position.

It can also reduce the risk of any potential dental problems or discomfort that could arise from not following the instructions.

Scratching Your Aligners

Scratching your aligners can compromise their effectiveness and cause damage that could require you to replace them. Scratching can also cause them to become cloudy or lead to bacterial buildup, increasing your risk of gum disease and other oral issues. Hence, keeping your clear aligners free from scratch is critical for having a successful orthodontic treatment.

Forgetting To Brush & Floss Your Teeth

Brushing and flossing your teeth before wearing your clear aligners can help ensure that your teeth and mouth are clean and free from food particles. Food debris can get stuck in your aligners, which can cause bacteria buildup and lead to cavities, gum disease, and other dental complications.

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