Will Teeth Whitening Work With Crowns and Fillings?

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Are you unhappy with your smile’s appearance? Then you might be thinking about having your teeth whitened in Dallas.

These treatments are fairly simple and quite effective in giving patients a perfect pearly white smile. However, if you have had previous dental work, such as crowns or fillings, you might wonder if teeth whitening will even work for you.

Find out the answer and more in this short blog post!

Will Teeth Whitening Damage Crowns or Fillings?

No, you won’t damage fillings, dental crowns, veneers, or any other dental reconstructions if you use professional teeth whitening kits.

Such kits use special bleaching agents, such as peroxide, to break down the molecules on the surface of the teeth that create stains. The formula doesn’t affect porcelain, resin, or any other materials you might have in your dental crowns or fillings.

However, even though tooth whitening won’t damage them, you still might want to refrain from going through the process just yet. Crowns and fillings can influence your final results.

Will Teeth Whitening Also Whiten the Crown or Filling?

Also no. The materials used in dental crowns and fillings don’t respond to bleaching agents the same way your natural teeth do.

As a result, getting these treatments while also having crowns and fillings might lead to an uneven smile, especially if they are placed at the front of your mouth. Your teeth will whiten quite a few shades, while the crowns and fillings remain unchanged.

How to Get an Evenly White Smile with Dental Crowns and Fillings

In most cases, if you talk to your dentist about wanting to get your teeth whitened, they will postpone the crowns or filling process (when possible) to allow you to change your tooth color first.

This way, the crowns, and filling can then be made to match your new shade. If you already have crowns or fillings, you can still improve the appearance of your tooth by:

  • Professional dental cleanings: By using special tools and products, professional cleanings often make the teeth look whiter by removing stubborn stains. This can help achieve an even smile.
  • Changing the dental crown or filling: If tooth staining or discoloration is severe and professional cleanings aren’t enough, then your only other solution is to replace your crowns or fillings to match your new shade.

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