Emergency Dentist in Dallas

Emergency Dentistry in Dallas

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry focuses on treating dental emergencies like toothaches, chipped and broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, and damaged dental work. With emergency dental care in Dallas from ConfiDent Smile Studio, you can get out of pain, avoid further complications, and get back to your normal routine.

We Offer Same-Day Appointments in Dallas, TX

The sooner you get emergency dentistry in Dallas, the better. That’s why, at ConfiDent Smile Studio, Dallas dentists Dr. Ken Nwankwo and Dr. Leslie Powell offer same-day emergency appointments. If you’re in pain in Dallas and you need an emergency dentist, don’t wait. Give us a call at (214) 888-6726 to speak with our team, schedule an appointment, and get the care you need right away.

What To Do In A Dental Emergency in Dallas

Step One: Call ConfiDent Smile Studio

The first thing you should do is call ConfiDent Smile Studio at (214) 888-6726  for a same-day emergency dentistry appointment in Dallas. Our team will schedule you for a same-day consultation right away.

Step Two: Treat Pain, Discomfort, Bleeding

Next, you can treat your pain and discomfort. You can take ibuprofen to help with pain, and ice your mouth near the affected area to help with pain and swelling. In some cases, your tooth or the area around your tooth may be bleeding. If this is the case, you can use a clean piece of gauze or a cotton ball to absorb blood.

Step Three: Come To Our Dallas Office For Care

Once you’ve taken steps to treat yourself, it’s time to come to ConfiDent Smile Studio for your appointment. Dr. Ken or Dr. Powell will take a look at your mouth and determine the best treatment for restoring your smile, getting you out of pain, and getting you back to your day-to-day routine.