Dental Implants in Dallas

Dental Implants in Dallas

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a natural-looking tooth replacement that functions just like the real thing. A post, usually made of titanium, is placed in the jaw bone. After a specified healing time, a crown is placed on top of the implant to look just like a real tooth.

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Dallas

One of the best things about a dental implant is that they function just like a real tooth. You can floss around them and clean them. In fact, They’re so close to a natural tooth, that most patients can’t tell the difference between their natural teeth and their implant. Call our dentist in Dallas today to learn more!

Implant Placements

To place an implant, a small incision is made in the gum, and the dental implant is then placed in the bone. If there isn’t enough bone to support the implant, a bone graft may be needed to help support the implant.

Dallas dental implants
Dallas, TX dental implants

Single-Tooth Implants

A single implant is placed in your bone and allowed to heal over the course of a few months. During this time, your natural bone fuses to the implant through a process called osseointegration. Once the bone is sufficiently bonded, a custom crown is placed over the implant giving you a new tooth.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are very similar to traditional bridges. Instead of being supported by dental crowns over natural teeth, implant-supported bridges use implants. The number of implants used will depend on the size of the bridge.

dental implants in Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX dental implants

Full-Arch Reconstructions

Do you have several missing teeth but want a stable option instead of dentures? Full-arch implants might be right for you. Using a series of dental implants, we can secure a full arch restoration in place with no denture paste required!

Implant Prep

Before an implant can be placed, we need to take some x-rays and a non-invasive digital scan. Then we can put the scan into our software and render a 3D model of your mouth so that we can see, in detail, exactly where the implant needs to be placed. We will also assess the health of your jawbone, and perform any necessary preparatory surgeries to ensure your dental implants are successful.

Dallas, Texas dental implants
dental implants Dallas

Implant Maintenance

After the healing period is up, and your final restoration is in place, you can care for your implant just like a natural tooth. Brush and floss around it twice a day, and we’ll be sure to check your implant when you come in for regular cleanings to make sure everything looks good.

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